Student Council

Charter Of Duties

To exhibit high level of academic integrity, ethical and disciplinary standards

To be a positive role model worth emulating

To show exemplary conduct in their day to day dealings

To be positive and work with others to solve problems

To attend all planning meetings

To work actively at all special events

To interact with students to discuss ideas and concerns

To work towards inculcating moral values among students

To instill a collective consciousness among students to work towards raising the academic and ethical Standards of the students in the Vidyalaya

To maintain high degree of decorum in speech and action

To not be biased towards or against anyone and be fair and balanced in their judgement

To never overstep protocol and exhibit proper etiquettes

To win over other students with love and trust rather than domination and rudeness

They help in the smooth conduct of co-curricular activities

Sensitize students to maintain a clean, green environment in the Vidyalaya